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About Us

Welcome to the IKB Academy

About Us

I am delighted to introduce The IKB Academy – a new and innovative approach to education for students in Years 10 - 13

“Education for the 21st Century” has been discussed for many years and IKB will deliver this vision and optimism for students, parents and staff through:

  • The highest quality academic and vocational teaching
  • A focus on Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths taught  in new and  specialist facilities
  • A supportive and caring environment that meets your needs and values your individuality
  • A creative approach to learning, through employer-based projects and innovative teaching methods
  • The opportunity to work closely with key local employers through work experience, shadowing and coaching.
  • A program of personal coaching for all students

We are an inclusive school catering for the individual needs of all of our students with an intentionally small intake, where professional relationships can really make a difference to nurture as well as challenge. We will value the contribution made by all of our students and seek to create an atmosphere of trust and positivity where we can all enjoy and achieve great things together.

IKB is an exciting option for students in Yr 10 and 12 (from September 2015), but it is not an easy option and on entering IKB we will raise student aspirations, so, on leaving, they will realise these aspirations competing with the best for university places, apprentiships, work or training in their chosen field.

Our students study in one of the following pathways:

Science/Medicine, Design Engineering, Digital Engineering, Architecture and the Built Environment

As an inclusive school, we welcome applications from all students with an interest and passion for these subjects and can arrange meetings to discuss your options with you. Please use the application form on this website or the contact details  below to arrange a visit.

Mrs D Gibbs

What is a studio school? What is a studio school? What is a studio school? What is a studio school?

What is a studio school?

"Since joining IKB, I can now say I have a voice that is heard at school"

Year 10 student

Studio Schools are a new state academy for young people aged 14-19 of all abilities. They offer a dynamic approach to learning, preparing young people with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to succeed in life. Students learn in the real world through working in teams on projects designed to reflect genuine situations, and through weekly work placements with businesses to develop the employability skills needed to succeed in life and work.

Studio Schools offer a truly personalised curriculum in a small school setting designed to reflect the world of work. Every student is allocated a Personal Coach to support them during their time at the School and the Personal Coach is the key link between school, home and work.