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Student Information

Student Information

School Day

School Day

All students have an organiser, which includes a guide to the school’s daily routines and the code of conduct. The times of the school day are as follows:

Monday - Friday


School starts


Registration/tutor time

8.45am - 9.05am

Period 1

9.05am  -  10.05am

Period 2

10.05am  -  11.05am


11.05am  -  11.25am

Period 3

11.25am  -  12.25pm

Period 4

12.25pm  -  1.25pm


1.25pm  -  2.05pm

Period 5

2.05pm  -  3.05pm

School finishes


Breaks and lunchtimes

Only 6th Form students are allowed off site at morning break and lunch. Year 10 and 11 students must stay on site at break time and lunchtime unless parents have signed a consent form allowing the student to go home for lunch. Students with permission must obtain a pass. If you have a pass, you should leave the site the promptly and return for the afternoon session on time. Students should go straight home to their own house and not buy food from local shops.


All students are expected to bring a bag to school each day. This should be suitable to carry all the equipment required for your lessons and large enough to take a Laptop, an A4 ringbinder and books. You should always have writing equipment, (pen, pencil, eraser, ruler etc.) with you, we also recommend that students bring a mini-dictionary and a scientific calculator



School uniform plays a central role in creating a sense of unity, identity and belonging within our school community. The smart style of our new school uniform reflects the high standards we expect at The IKB Studio School. School uniform is compulsory for all students in years 10 & 11.

This guidance is intended to support parents in ensuring their child is dressed smartly, in keeping with the high expectations of the school. If you have any queries regarding the uniform code, including requests for financial assistance to buy uniform, please contact any member of the senior leadership team.

  • Grey Trousers (Boys & Girls)
  • White Shirt
  • Plain Black School Shoes
  • School Tie
  • School V Neck Black Jumper with the IKB Logo (Available at Initially Yours, Hanham)

The School Jumper and Tie, including a PE kit are all only available from Initially Yours, 69 High St., Hanham.



IKB has its own catering facilities available to students at break and dinner time. Facilities provide healthy snacks and light meals. We are committed to providing healthy food and support students entitled to free school meals.

Please contact reception for further details or if you wish to speak to the catering manager regarding food allergies.

Work placements and Employer Partners

Work placements and Employer Partners

IKB is committed to providing all of its students work placements at employers that partner with us.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our employer partners who have supported us during our first year. We simply cannot achieve our vision without the support of local businesses who have so kindly offered up their time to give our students invaluable insights into industry.

Our Year 12 students were on placement every Monday from November to May and our Year 10s have been on placement alternate Fridays from January until July.

We are proud to be working in partnership with the following organisations:

AHR Architects
Avon valley Railway
Bath and North East Somerset Council
Bath University
BBA Architects
BMT Defence Services
Bristol Panel Formers
Bristol Rugby Community Foundation
Buro Happold
Campbell Reith
Complete Telecom Solutions
Dorothea Restoration
DS Machining
Enlightened Lighting
Kier Construction
Ministry of Defence
Motaparts Downend
Network Rail
Robbin Engineering
Sir Robert McAlpine
Underfall Boat Yard
West Country Welding

IKB are constantly looking to increase links with employers in the Bristol & Bath area within the following industries:

  • Architecture & the Built Environment
  • Science & Medicine
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Accounting
  • Business

 If you are able to offer a work placement to any of our students, please contact:

 Clare Barclay email: cbarclay@ikbacademy.org.uk




At IKB we operate a two week timetable which is synchronised with Wellsway Schools timetable.  This allows us to offer IKB Students a greater choice of subjects at KS4 and KS in the 6th Form.



The IKB Studio School operates a house system, we have established four houses which are:

  • Tesla
  • Shrödinger
  • Edison
  • DaVinci

Students will attend a morning registration period between 8.30am and 8.45am, this period is an opportunity for the tutors to relay important information for the day and ensure all students settle and prepare for their learning.

A reward and achievement system is in place at IKB which promotes high expectations and a sense of competition between the houses.




The IKB Studio School runs a coaching programme for all students. Students will receive a dedicated half an hours personal coaching with an assigned member of staff.

Coaching is about preparing students to meet the challenges of the real world, to focus on their soft skills, which we measure through the CREATE skills programme.

Typically coaching sessions are a positive meeting that reflects on:

  • Any intervention required
  • The progress of students’ academic work
  • The students work placement performance
  • The students aspirations for the future
University UCAS Information

University UCAS Information